Cube Istanbul is a property development firm that adds value to their residential and retail projects; with their unique concept, design, branding and marketing expertise supported by research-based market insight and knowledge.
  • The core business services focused on the real estate market are as follows:
  • Research and advisory services
  • Market entry and feasibility studies for property development projects
  • Concept, strategy, project design, development, and management
  • Sales management
  • Marketing services, advertising, media planning and placement
  • Media, public and government relations

Cube Istanbul’s senior management team has worked closely with or advised several firms and corporations during the last 20 years for various residential and commercial projects. Some of the clients are, but not limited to, M1/Tepe, Metro AG, Real, Praktiker, Burger King, McDonalds, Carrefour, Galleria, Capitol, Boyner/Carsi/Beymen, Aðaoðlu, Sinpas, Turkish Ministry of Tourism and TOKI.

Cube Istanbul works closely with developing partners, banks, mortgage and other financial institutions, legal firms, municipalities, leading industry specialists and academicians, architects, designers, researchers, and advertising agencies around the world, to add value to their assigned projects.